Writing tip of the day: Why writing everyday matters!

Make it a habit to write everyday. It doesn’t have to be spectacular or super profound. You’re just making it a normal routine to write something. Give yourself permission to write anything without automatically criticizing it in your mind.  If you can make it a habit to change your mindset about how good something has to be in order to write then you can condition yourself to believe that writing a little everyday is fun and creative rather than frustrating and confining. Go ahead and let go of the rules you’ve made for the writing process and just write anything. This is a great way to get yourself in the habit of making writing a creative lifestyle. Plus you’ll end up writing way more because you won’t keep talking yourself out of all your ideas. Daily brainstorming should be a judgement free zone!!


Easy steps to making writing a habit:

  1. Schedule out time: Schedule out at least 15-30 minutes a day to actually set aside for creative writing. Everyone plans on writing, but if you don’t treat it like an important task it will end up getting skipped over and becoming one of those things you meant to do for the past 6 months.
  2. Stop Procrastinating: The time is now. Stop procrastinating and start writing. Things will always come up, you are going to have to decide that this matters enough to make it a priority.
  3. Find a great space: Sometimes it is great to have a designated writing space. A place where you know you’re coming to work rather than hangout. If your couch is the place you normally watch movies and relax it might not be the best place to try and get your writing done. Maybe your an extrovert and you like being around people, try writing at a local coffee shop but have your headphones in so you can zone out.