Beginning steps to Publishing your book. Overcoming fear and finally starting to write. 

Examples of fear thoughts….

  1. What I have to say doesn’t matter….
  2. Why is my opinion more important than anyone else’s’?
  3. I can’t share anything until it’s completely perfect…
  4. What if people don’t like my story?
  5. I’m scared to let people see what I’ve created because it feels vulnerable…
  6. If people dislike what I write then it means they are disapproving of me…


All of these fear thoughts come from the idea that other people won’t like what you have created. This can feel huge when you have put so much of yourself into a project. Because then when someone rejects what you have made, it can feel like they are rejecting you. 


Overcoming vulnerability:


  • Take small Steps: It’s okay to take small steps on your journey to writing your first book. Start with something small like like tweeting or making a new Facebook post. This is something where even if you fail most people won’t even notice or have a strong opinion. More often than not your Facebook or twitter is only seen by closer friends, and they aren’t going to judge you for writing a “dumb” post.


  • Most people aren’t criticizing you: The truth is most people don’t even see what you are writing. People are more concerned about what they’re saying and their personal image than about what your posting. I have a good friend who always says, “ If i’m going to live in an imaginary world, then it’s going to be a happy one”. If we are deciding in our mind that people are thinking negative thoughts, then we can just as easily assume that people are thinking positive thoughts about us. You can actually make it a practice to think people have positive thoughts about what you’re saying every time that you post.
  • This is not high stakes: The truth is the writing process is super low stakes. Just because you’re writing something doesn’t mean that it has to be ready for an editor or to go to the publisher. You’re just starting to get ideas and concepts out there. This is really more of a think tank process.