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Check out some of the authors who made their dreams come true.

Growing Up With God

By | July 4th, 2016|

Everyday adventures of hearing God's voice. A novel about kids journey to connect God's voice to their everyday life.

$35,518.00 raised in 32 days

Welcome To The Wilderness

By | April 8th, 2016|

Our wilderness experiences are for the purpose of blessing and greater intimacy with the God who enters it with us and transforms us in it.

$8,410.00 raised in 29 days

The Forgotten Way Meditations

By | November 12th, 2015|

The Path of Yeshua for Power and Peace in This Life

$71,452.00 raised in 6 days

10 Ways To Win A Girl’s Heart

By | November 2nd, 2015|

How Good Guys can Win at the Game of Love

$13,773.00 raised in 40 days


BookRally is a crowdfunding platform built specifically for Authors.  We provide all the tools for getting your book to market – editing, cover design, interior design, printing, shipping, publishing and distribution.  We give you upfront costs for the entire process so you can fundraise, plan, and execute your project at those known costs.  Imagine a world where you can print and publish your book with no money out of pocket!
BookRally started from a few guys from the tech world who knew a bunch of authors and wanted to help. We figured that authors deserved to own their own thoughts and get paid well for it also. BookRally is here to help people tell their stories and share their ideas with their tribe.
BookRally is more than just crowdfunding. We are a Pre-sales tool that helps you connect directly with your tribe to get your work published.  We offer a full range of services to build, fund, market and sell your work.  We are tailored to the book industry and have a passion to help authors win!
BookRally is for anyone who enjoys a good book and great stories.  Authors, publishers, marketing agencies, the education community, and even literary agents could use BookRally to make their project go.
BookRally believes authors deserve to get paid for their work.  For pre-sales and crowdfunding, BookRally only charges 5% of funds raised plus credit card processing fees.


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