How it Works

Write your book – Get your words together and bring your manuscript to us.

Create a Campaign – Leverage your audience/network/tribe to do a preorder campaign or to fund the services you need to build your book.

  • Identify your needs – Let us help you match the right services at the right price
  • Get an Edit – Bring your own editor or pick one of ours
  • Design your Interior & Exterior – Bring your own files or hire us
  • Pick your Print – estimate your print run costs
  • Set your Rewards – create your own custom rewards for backers to support you

Maximize your Campaign – We give you the tools to help you market.

Meet Your Goal – or if you don’t, our break even calculator tells you just how many books you need to sell to cover your costs.  There is more than one way to make your campaign successful.  

Produce, Print, Publish, Distribute – let us do all the heavy lifting to get your product in your reader’s hands.

Why BookRally

  • The best of Publishing meets the best of Crowdfunding
  • Make more money – 95% royalty with great manufacturing prices
  • Know your costs – Upfront costs for what you need to successfully publish and sell your book
  • Know your Audience – Get your list and analytics – build personal relationship with your customers while building your brand
  • It’s easy – We partner with you!  You write the book, we help you do everything else



BookRally charges a flat 5% fee on all funds raised plus normal credit card transaction fees of  3% + $0.30 per transaction for credit card processing fees.



Manuscripts come in all sizes, word counts and stages of development.  Self-publishing does not mean doing it by yourself. Let us help you find the right editor to fit your manuscript’s needs. Cost ranges will be based on word count, editor selection and manuscript status.

Cover Design

Our team has done over 3,000 book covers, a dozen NY Times BestSellers and 100’s of Amazon BestSellers. By the time our team is done, no one will even know your book was self-published. Use our expert cover design team or upload a cover of your own. 

  • Gold Cover Package                   $1250  –  4 concepts, 4 revision rounds
  • Silver Cover Package                 $950  –  3 concepts, 3 revision rounds
  • Bronze Cover Package               $650  –  2 concepts, 2 revisions rounds

Interior Design & Layout

A great cover gets you interested but the words on a page tell the story. Let one of our professionals typeset your book to make the words jump of the pages. 

  • Gold Interior Package               $1,000  –  3 revision rounds, 250+ pages
  • Silver Interior Package             $800  –  2 revision rounds, up to 250 pages
  • Bronze Interior Package           $600  –  1 revision rounds, up to 100 pages


Use our web based book builder to calculate your print cost while setting up your campaign. Pick print quantity, book size and type, paper type, page count, and cover finish. The more you buy, the lower the price; a self-published book should not be more expensive than the publishers pay.


We convert your book to all the major eBook formats (PDF, .ePub, .Mobi) and set it up on over 60 ebook stores worldwide –  including the Big 5: Amazon, Nook, Apple, Google, & Kobo for a flat fee of $499.  Manage one account and get one payment.  


Get the Mailing List

Get in depth campaign analytics and backer emails and contact information to build your list and connect with your most loyal fans for future marketing. That is the beauty of self-publishing. You keep the data.