BookRally is a pre-order and crowdfunding platform built specifically for Authors.  We provide all the tools for getting your book to market – editing, cover design, interior design, printing, shipping, publishing and distribution.  We give you upfront costs for the entire process so you can fundraise, plan, and execute your project at those known costs.  Imagine a world where you can print and publish your book with no money out of pocket!
BookRally started from a few guys from the tech world who knew a bunch of authors and wanted to help. We figured that authors deserved to own their own thoughts and get paid well for it also. BookRally is here to help people tell their stories and share their ideas with their tribe.
BookRally is more than just crowdfunding. We are a Pre-sales tool that helps you connect directly with your tribe to get your work published.  We offer a full range of services to build, funding, market and sell your work.  We are tailored to the book industry and have a passion to help authors win!
BookRally is for anyone who enjoys a good book and great stories.  Authors, publishers, marketing agencies, the education community, and even literary agents could use BookRally to make their project go.
BookRally believes authors deserve to get paid for their work.  For pre-sales and crowdfunding, BookRally only charges 5% of funds raised plus credit card processing fees.
Your Tribe includes your people, your social media, your list, your friends and even your family. Most of them start as a part of the tribe of the campaign creator. They bring friends and family on the journey with them and then along the way others come along for the ride too.
First off backers get the pleasure of helping a project come to life, but they also get to choose from various different ‘rewards’ offered by the campaign owner.
Often the creator is a friend or a friend of someone you know, but if that isn’t the case then you can read through the description of the campaign and the campaign creator. We can’t guarantee the person as we don’t know everyone who will be creating a campaign, but usually there is enough information for you to decide whether or not you trust the campaign and want to hear their story.
We understand the feeling, self publishing can feel like drowning sometimes. But to ease the tension, BookRally walks you through the entire process of creating a book and then gives you an estimated cost at the end. Once you sign up for a campaign, BookRally will help you, to the best of our ability, create an accurate cost estimate.
Make sure to let your tribe know what you are hoping to accomplish, give people vision for what you’re doing. When people are investing money into your life, they love knowing how you plan on spending it. Don’t be afraid to be open about your spending plans. Let people know how far along you are in your project and when you think it will be finished. People love information, so the more you share, the more trust you will have from your backers.
We suggest somewhere between 30-40 days. You want to give your campaign enough time to build momentum, but you also don’t want to make it so long that the momentum dies and people get bored. Based on past campaigns we find that campaigns within this range tend to have the greatest success rate.
Well, in order to get the greatest bang for your buck, which we assume you’re going for, we suggest that you intentionally think by eights when choosing page numbers. I know that might sound funny if you aren’t super familiar with the book world, but actually it is the best way to get the most out of your pages. For example 216, 224, 240, etc.
Books come in 3 different sizes; 5 ½ X8 ½, 6×9, and 8 ½ X 11, but the most common size books come in is 6X9.
This totally depends on what you’re looking for. Lucky for you, we have such a wide range of excellent editors that it shouldn’t be too hard. The great thing about BookRally is we have a list of some of the best editors all sharing their previous work and their different specialties. We give you the ability to click on their link and see their profile to see what genres they work in. Plus we categorize them all based upon price so you can choose what is the best option for what you want to pay.
BookRally has their very own team of graphic designers who have designed over 3,000 top sellers and 50 new York Times and Amazon top sellers for sales of over 28 million books, and they would love to help you give your book the cover you’ve always wanted. But if you decide that you want to use your own we have a tab where  you can upload your own cover as well.
  1. Gold: $1250 – 4 Concepts, 4 Iteration Rounds, will not exceed 40 hours of work. Deliverables include final cover image, 3D image, and instagram square image.
  2. Silver: $950 – 3 Concepts, 3 Iteration Rounds, will not exceed 30 hours of work. Deliverables include final cover image, 3D image, and instagram square image.
  3. Bronze: $650 – 2 Concepts, 2 Iteration Rounds, and will not exceed 20 hours of work. Deliverables include final cover image.
BookRally has their very only book mailing process, so as long as your buyers give us the correct address, we will get your book to their door.
We at BookRally strongly believe that people deserve the best quality for the best price. This is why we charge a flat rate of 4.99 for shipping and promise to  provide the best shipping service for all of your books. We take care of the entire process for you, straight from printing to shipping to your readers door step. You’ve put enough work in, let us help you.
Absolutely! Projects will remain on the BookRally site until the funding deadline is reached, so you can raise as much money as you want within that time frame.
We don’t recommend running multiple campaigns at a time because it can actually distract people and split support for each project which can cause the campaign to not be fully funded. It works better to run one campaign and then once that is finished then start a new campaign.
Unlike other crowdfunding sites that are all-or-nothing, BookRally gives the campaign owner the ability to top off the campaign with their own money and then keep the money that was donated to them for their campaign. You get 48 hours to top off the campaign yourself to reach the break even point for your campaign.
Yes, there are many things we allow you to edit even after the campaign process has begun such as… project description, videos/images, adding new rewards, and your personal profile. But there are also things that we dont allow you to change such as… your fundraising goal, your campaign deadline, your profile name, and rewards that have already been purchased by your supporters.
No-one is expecting you to be a movie star, they understand that you’re making an amateur video. Our biggest suggestion is to just be yourself, that’s what people are looking for. They want to know the person they are supporting.
We suggest around a minute long. Statistics show that people stop watching most videos by 90 seconds, so a short and to the point video is really the most effective.
Rewards are gifts given to supporters as a way to say thank you for investing in the project. Rewards are run specifically by the campaign owners, and have nothing to do with BookRally, outside of the fact that they must fall under our guidelines.
Your project is never actually taken down from our site, we just move them to our book store. This way people can purchase your book straight from our page.
With BookRally you keep 95% of your sales on your book, whereas with Amazon, you only keep 45% of your sales. We’re not saying to not have your book on Amazon, were just saying it is highly beneficial for you to have your friends and family buy the book from BookRally. They want you to keep as much money as possible, just like we do!
Once you create an account with BookRally you can browse through the different campaigns and perks and start investing money into them.
BookRally accepts all major debit and credit cards within the United States.
Your card will be charged for the amount pledged immediately. But if the campaign never reaches the funding goal then your card is refunded.
If your contribution was successful you will receive a confirmation email to the email you provided.
Yes, yes you can give anonymously. We have a check box on the checkout page that allows you to click anonymous if you decide that’s what you want.
If you have already contributed to a campaign and need to change your shipping address to receive the perk, we recommend contacting the campaign owner directly.
A campaign reward isn’t the same as ordering something on Amazon. It takes a lot longer, so you probably won’t receive it 3 days after the campaign ends. There is a long process that goes along with creating all of the rewards and then sending them out, but if you feel concerned we recommend contacting the campaign owner directly.
We do not currently have a process to upgrade for a greater reward outside of purchasing the perk in full.
If you go back to the campaign you can send a message through the comments section regarding the questions you have.
Once you’re logged into BookRally you can go to your account page and it allows you to make these changes.