God is (Not) In Control

by Jason Clark

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“God is not in control, but He is in charge.” Bill Johnson

The Message

The moment we said yes to Jesus, we were invited into transition, from sinner to saint, from orphan to son, from lost to found, from law to grace, from slave to free, and

from a theology of control to a theology of love…

I believe there are two narratives on the planet, two ways by which to know God, two theologies in the world of man; control or love.

“The opposite of love is not fear, it’s control.” Donald Miller

I absolutely believe God is sovereign, but,

“God is sovereign, and God is in control are two different thoughts, they are two totally different things.” Todd White

The theology of control manipulates God’s sovereignty into something contrary to love. The theology of sovereign control compromises God’s goodness and positions humanity in the most desperate of insecurities.

“The belief that God controls everything that happens to us is one of the devil’s biggest inroads into our lives.” Andrew Wommack

This book powerfully reveals the vast difference between a theology of sovereign control and a theology of sovereign love. This book is an invitation to grow sure in Gods sovereign love and transition from fear, insecurity and striving,  to trust, intimacy and freedom.

God Is (Not) In Control is saturated with revelation. It shines with the goodness of God.

The Impact

This message resonates with:

•    those who are hungry for authentic and intimate encounters with Gods love.

•    those who wrestle with anxiety, insecurity and fear.

•    those who are in controlling relationships with loved ones, friends and even leaders.

•    those who have struggled with the question of hell and wrath in light of God’s goodness and love

•    those who have experienced pain and disappointment and are struggling to trust God works all things for good

•    those who want to discover the power and authority of sovereign love

•    those who desire to live with greater freedom as a child of God

•    those seeking greater understanding regarding expanding Gods Kingdom in their area’s of influence

The Book’s Story

I have been writing this book for nearly three years, but it was birthed seven years ago while writing Prone to Love. It is on the sovereignty of love. The message is fresh and transformational. I believe the revelation in this book can help to change an entire generations thinking regarding the sovereignty of God and lead to greater intimacy.

I understand there may be tension on this message. That’s why I have attached the first two chapters in this link. I hope they can give you a greater sense of the books message and the heart behind it. These are early edited editions (we will further edit after the campaign). You can also download a message I gave recently that introduces this subject at this link.

We have decided to self-publish through BookRally. Our goal is to raise $15,000.00 over thirty days. This will go toward financing the editing costs, book and cover design, printing (2000 copies) and marketing. The projected release date of this book is March 2017.

I am asking for three things from you;

First, would you consider committing financially to the success of this campaign. Buy a book, but better yet, buy 10 books!

Second, would you partner with us by consistently sharing and promoting the campaign through your own social networks both online and in your areas of influence. There will be several video updates and teaching’s released throughout the campaign.

Third, this is a potentially controversial message. Our heart is that it will be a catalyst for encounter, that it will empower trust and intimacy. We aren’t interested in defending an idea but revealing the perfection of His always good love. Please consider committing to pray for us as we navigate the final edits in these coming months.

If you would rather give a tax deductible gift, you can give through our ministry a A Family Story. Please note: the gift would not go directly toward this campaign, but it will support the ministry as we continue to develop content catalytic for an encounter with our Father’s always good love.   

We are so very grateful for your friendship and love. We are honored to run this race with you all. God bless you!

Jason Clark is a speaker and lead communicator at A Family Story ministries. He has authored Untamed & Prone To Love. His mission is to encourage sons and daughters, fathers and mothers,  to grow sure in the love of an always-good heavenly Father. He and his wife, Karen, live in North Carolina with their three children.

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Jason Clark

Free Dowload of Chapters One & Two

November 19, 2016, 6:53 am

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