God Loves Justice: Presale Campaign

by Jessica Nicholas

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Welcome to the presale campaign for God Loves Justice! This book is a user-friendly resource for understanding biblical justice and righteousness. For the month of June, the book will be available at a discounted price.

 Books will be shipped in early July, soon after the campaign is finished.

What is social justice and is it even in the Bible? 

Christians seem to ask this question all the time, yet still are confused and divided over the answers they come up with. What would God say about social justice as we know it today?

This book answers those questions and much more. God Loves Justice is a practical guide to understanding biblical social justice. As an introductory and user-friendly source, it explores biblical justice, using what God loves as its foundation.Fun, approachable, and conversational — this guide is meant to help you better understand justice, righteousness, and the Bible overall.

Topics covered include:

      The Biblical definition of righteousness and justice


      What justice and righteousness looked like in the lives of people in the Bible


      How justice connects to love, grace, mercy, and compassion


      Why it’s challenging for Christians to see justice in the New Testament


      How Jesus is the foundation of our justice and righteousness


      How justice and righteousness are integrated into the kingdom of God


      How to practically express justice and righteousness through your life


Anchored in biblical truth, this Christ-centered resource is tool for connecting your faith to justice and for knowing God’s love.

What readers are saying about God Loves Justice:


“This book is an honest, unassuming exploration of Scripture and looking for God’s heart in that. It’s something I would highly recommend to read.”

“This has so impacted me. I’m 40 now and I’ve never heard this subject taught- ever. We are missing a huge part of God. I’ve been so rocked. I’ll never turn a blind eye to this again.”

“I learned a lot from this book. I was really, really stunned by how much I didn’t know about social justice.” 

God Loves Justice is so holistic…. It maintains the rich theological and educational dynamics while being extremely palatable and practical. I think that is something that’s very unique and makes it a book for anybody to learn from and enjoy. “

“I would describe this book as Spirit-led, honestly expressed, and full of insights into the vast expanse of God’s love and His desire to express it through us.”

“I think it’s extremely timely for what we’re going through in our social, political, and religious environments… This book has a lot to offer those conversations and really be able to bring unity and come back to who God is and what His desire is.” 

“I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to become more engaged with the world, not just spreading the gospel as words, but living the gospel as an agent of grace.”

“I did not have a very good attitude about social justice when I started reading the book. I thought, ‘I’m not going to like this very much at all. I’m going to disagree.’ And I have to say that very much my attitude changed as a result of reading it.”

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