A is for Alok

by Julia Salo-Mani

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If you haven’t noticed yet, minority people groups and languages are still highly passed over in the world of children’s literature. We need more multicultural representation and inclusion! 

I was pregnant with my first born in remote India when it occurred to me- I have NO BOOKS! Frantically searching (before my delivery) for books that would represent my cross-cultural family dynamic was fruitless. There weren’t any bilingual nursery rhymes I could find either! As a parent and International School teacher I want my children and students to be able to relate to the characters and languages in the books they read. So far the selection has been so limited-I’ve taken it upon myself to start writing my own books! Even if they don’t become best-sellers, that’s fine by me. My goal foremost is that my family will have resources, as well as my close friends and community that desire the same products. However I will still plan on DREAMING BIG! We live in a global community that is hungry for the same thing-we want our children to be reflected in the stories that they read. And when you read a story in your heart language as well as your head language (for all those polyglots out there) you are moved to inspiration! Let’s promote literacy and a lifelong love of learning for these young hearts.


“Aaja Alok!” is the first book of a 3-part Hinglish series. The Hindi/English book series introduces you to the loveable little boy who lives in two different worlds. Being Indian and American, makes Life a masala (spicy) adventure!

You don’t need to know Hindi to read this book, but you will learn some fun words along the way!

Support our journey in bringing more inclusion and diversity to kid’s literature!



Founder of Himani Readers, Julia Salo-Mani has been a teacher for the past 15 years specializing in early childhood development and supporting a Montessori lifestyle. She has visited, volunteered and served as a cross-cultural humanitarian in 10 countries. Her travels have fueled her passion to promote early literacy and peace education.

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Julia Salo-Mani

Sneak Peak Video!

October 17, 2018, 4:19 am

Nearing the finish line!

October 3, 2018, 1:38 pm

Illustrations are halfway done!

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