Why Marketing Matters for Indie Authors: 

As hard as it is for Indie Authors to admit, knowing some basic information regarding social media marketing really does matter. No one else is going to make this happen for you, you’re going to have to have to take some ownership in making your project come to life. The following social media book marketing tips can help you to understand how to promote yourself and your work online.

If you have recently finished your book, well done! That takes so much work and creativity. But if you thought writing your book means that you’re done, think again. The next phase is marketing, and that’s no easy task.

The Publishing industry has gone through a complete overload in the past few years, and although it has meant huge opportunities for self-publishing, it also means the market has become way more saturated and competitive. This means that as Indie Authors you have to become even more creative to boost your sales. One of the best ways to do this is by learning social marketing tools. Manage your schedule the best you can by including social media marketing in your calendar. Even if it doesn’t seem like it, it is one of the best investments you can make in your creative book experience.


Here are a few tips to help you on the marketing journey:


  1. Start creating your own content now:
    1. Creating high quality social media content is a must. You are a new author, so you have some level of expert understanding in the field you are writing about, at least readers will think so. Use this as leverage in your blog, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts to create credibility. Feel free to provide tips and tricks in your new realm of “expertise”. This will give your content an added value.
  2. Building conversations with your readers:
    1. Especially in the beginning it is important to let your followers know that you value them. Make it a habit of spending time( even if you schedule a few hours aside a week) just to respond to comments left on your “social walls”. Regardless if its positive or negative the goal is to create conversation and relationship with your readers. Feel free to create a space for back and forth conversation. It is actually benefiting you to create conversation in a place that is building your brand identity.
  3. Connecting with like minded authors
    1. Make it a habit of connecting to other authors in the same genre you are trying to have a voice within. You can develop relationship with these authors by intentionally posting on their walls or responding to their posts. This is a great way to gain exposure and create relationships with other fellow authors in your genre.
  4. Analytics, Analytics and more Analytics
    1. Tracking your results is really helpful in figuring out what is and what isn’t working for you. There are multiple different sites or programs you can use in order to track your social media analytics. This will help you understand where your web traffic is coming from and where you are getting most of your traction. Then based upon those results you can adjust your strategy to optimize your results.
  5. Invitations into your book
    1. Social media is a great place to invite your readers into a “inside look” of your book. It’s a great place to provide links to your sites and your book sales platform. Maybe provide the intro or 1st chapter of the book for people to download. This is a great move to help boost your book sales.