As a Self Publishing Author, Make Sure The Crowdfunding Platform Fits Your Needs

Clearly we belief the smart answer for authors in crowdfunding is to use BookRally. But I guess we’re a little biased;)

But on the real…here are four attributes we think are worth evaluating:


Platform size:

Often people believe that the best way to use crowdfunding to get their book published is by choosing the largest platform out there. But we believe that is just a myth. Seriously. You could use a huge company like KickStarter and it actually have the opposite effect. People think that using a popular crowdfunding platform will mean that more people will see your book. But the truth is on average only around 10% of funds for a campaign are raised by random passersby’s, which isn’t a very large margin. So platform size should not be a top priority in choosing your top platform.

Website Usability:

People are visual, so choose a site that is striking to the eye and easy to navigate.  You will hopefully be bringing lots of people to the site to see your campaign, so you want their experience to be a pleasant one. A poorly designed and hard to navigate site is a sure fire way to lose someone’s interest.

Payment Method:

What payment method does the crowdfunding platform use? Do they use Stripe? PayPal? Direct deposit? Wire transfer? You need to know that they are using a secure payment option before you hand over all your banking information. Also make sure to check and see if they include fees for the processing, some companies will have large fees. We think large fees are no fun.


Funding Guidelines:

It is important to take into consideration whether or not the crowdfunding platform is a flex or fixed funding platform. Companies like Kickstarter are fixed funding which means that you either raise the entire amount of your goal or you don’t get any of the money. This can be a benefit because it can cause people to create more realistic goals,. But it can also be a huge bummer when you raise all the money except 20$ and end up with nothing.