The Benefits of Crowdfunding: The Future of Publishing


No matter what kind of Publishing project you’re working on; self help, entrepreneurship, fantasy, or non-fiction, crowdfunding through BookRally could be the answer for you!


Crowdfunding is a great option for the 1st time author, best selling author, or even the authorpreneur. It is great for raising the funds for your project and getting more interaction with your tribe.


Crowdfunding is the new face for publishing! Here are some areas where crowdfunding through BookRally helps authors succeed.  


  1. Presales
  2. Monetizing across your tribe
  3. Creating Awareness for your project
  4. Added Bonus for Customers
  5. Added Bonus for Authors


Benefit 1: Pre-sales


Every project requires money in order to come into fruition. Before Crowdfunding, authors endured a long, grueling path in order to get their books into print. Much less trying to get your manuscript in the hands of a publisher. And if by chance it did happen then that Publisher takes a huge cut of your royalties leaving you with a small fraction of the profits you should be making as an author. Crowdfunding offers a way to obtain the funds you need to launch your project in a speedy manner where you the author keep 95% of your income raised.


Benefit 2: Monetize across your tribe


Everyone has a tribe, a following if you will. Whether that be family, close friends, your college fraternity or your 10,000 Facebook followers. These are the people who create your platform. Crowdfunding is a great way to monetize across this community of people. The reality is your close friends and family are going to buy your book no matter what. So you might as well make 95% of the sales with them rather than going straight to Amazon or Barnes and Noble who take 55% off the top before you get any money.


Benefit 3: Creating awareness for your project


Crowdfunding presents new concepts to potential fans to market and promote any campaign. Crowdfunding is a great way for people to find new books they would want to read but didn’t know existed.


Benefit 4: Added bonus for customers using BookRally


Everyone loves a little something extra, so why not give it to them. When you use BookRally your tribe actually gets added bonus’ through the Perks system. Not only do they get the book that they would have purchased regardless, but they could pay a little extra for a signed copy, coffee with the author, a book bundle, a consulting session, or even a skydiving duo. People will pay more money for these added benefits that make them feel like they are getting more connection to you. The author they love so much!


Benefit 5: Added bonus for Authors using BookRally


What sets BookRally apart as a crowdfunding service? We like to say we are the “one stop shop” for publishing. We have the crowdfunding aspect that helps authors raise the funds/ monetize across their tribe, but we also handle all the aspects of what it takes to publish a book. We have industry level type-setters, cover designers, print, ship, and fulfillment. We are an a la carte model so you choose which services you want and which you do not. If you have a cousin who does cover design then just upload that right into the site. You choose whatever you want.

Crowdfunding is the future of Publishing and we want to be the one who helps make that change happen. Here at Bookrally, we want to be a part of your books coming to life!